1. We foster quality and kindness

We are boldly changing the music industry by investing in young people. Academy develops a culture that is passionate about lifelong learning, celebrating each person’s unique gifts, and being a light to others. We believe that when we offer the best of ourselves, both in our music and how we treat each other, we can change the world for the better.

2. We bridge differences

Academy is a community that comes together from all walks of life from all over the world, and forms connections through a love for music. We believe in the power of removing barriers, and creating a sense of belonging — regardless of our differences.

3. We get results

At Academy, students create incredible performances, all of which you can watch on our YouTube channel! Our 200+ alumni have become the next generation of leaders in the vocal music industry, bringing their talents to some of the most prestigious scholastic groups in the world. Their hard work and talent has been the driving force behind numerous ICCA and ICHSA victories as they help to redefine the sound of modern a cappella. In the greater music industry, former campers have been prominently featured on TV and movie soundtracks, as well as vocal competition shows including The Voice and American Idol. Other alums are flourishing in the fields of music education, music therapy, composition, musical theatre, music production, and beyond! Many of these alums credit A Cappella Academy with helping to develop their skills, connect them with friends who have become key collaborators, and inspiring them to chase their dreams.

Join us in changing the world through music

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