We are committed to making A Cappella Academy accessible to all qualified students, regardless of financial need. It is only with the support of our wider community that we are able to keep tuition costs low and offer scholarships. To learn more about why we are so passionate about our program, visit: Why Academy?

1. How scholarships work

After we accept campers each year, they have the opportunity to apply for a tuition scholarship by submitting an application detailing their financial situation. Everyone who needs it will get some amount of financial assistance from our fundraising efforts and generous donors. Many also raise money on their own (which can also be used toward travel costs) using crowdfunding, fundraising concerts, and other creative ideas. After our fundraising season ends, we distribute tuition scholarships based on need.

This year, in addition to partial tuition scholarships, we will be awarding THREE FOUNDERS SCHOLARSHIPS, which will cover the entire tuition as well as a travel stipend of up to $500!

2. How to donate

Last year we were able to raise over $30,000 for our admitted campers in need of financial aid. We hope to raise even more this year, with your help! Detailed below are various ways you can get involved and donate. Thank you so much for your continued support! The cutoff date for donations this year is March 31, all donations received after that date will go towards next summer.

  • PayPal
    Perfect for smaller donations that will go towards our general scholarship fund. These funds will be split among all of our campers in need of financial aid. Click here to donate via PayPal.
  • Venmo
    An alternate to PayPal; use the Venmo app to send payments to @acappellacademy
    In the note, please write: A Cappella Academy Scholarship Fund
  • Fractured Atlas
    For those who want to donate a larger amount and receive a tax deduction for it. Fractured Atlas is a 501(c)(3) public charity that will receive donations on our behalf and pass them on to us. Contributions for the purposes of A Cappella Academy are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. Click here to donate via Fractured Atlas.
  • Check
    Please make it payable to A Cappella Academy and send it to:
    A Cappella Academy Scholarship Fund
    1880 Century Park East
    Suite 1600
    Los Angeles, CA 90067-1661
  • Crowdfunding
    Below you’ll find profiles of our incredibly talented campers who need financial aid listed below! Click anywhere on their profile to get to their crowdfunding pages, where you can learn more about each of them, watch their audition videos, and donate directly to their individual camp funds.