What’s a day at The Academy like?

  1. Group Rehearsal
    • This is rehearsal for your a cappella group comprised of 7-12 other campers.  You’ll rehearse daily, perform at the camp showcase, and record a track on the camp album.
  2. Academy Choir
    • All campers sing together in the epic Academy Choir! We’ll sing choral and contemporary works spanning many different genres.
  3. Tracks and Electives
    • You’ll sign up for tracks and electives based on your specific interests.  In the past, we’ve offered tracks for vocal performance, arranging, directing, and songwriting. For electives, we’ve offered such topics as vocal percussion, active listening, social media, recording, live sound, group dynamics, business management, and much more.
  4. Guest Performances
    • As part of the curriculum, we’ll feature guest artists who will provide interactive insight into their area of expertise via performances, workshops, and Q&A sessions.
  5. Individual Practice
    • There will be opportunities throughout camp to work on your own so that you can put everything you are learning into practice.  Additionally, you will be able to sign up to work one-on-one with some of our amazing staff.
  6. Activities/Leisure Time
    • Though it will be intense and focused, camp won’t be all a cappella all the time! We also have free time built into the schedule, as well as opportunities for physical activity such as swimming, yoga, frisbee, and hiking.