Grad School 2024

Grad School is a three day crash course in pop a cappella that happens during the youth session of A Cappella Academy. Looking to take your school’s a cappella program to the next level? This is definitely the place for you! Learn from some of the very best directors, arrangers, and performers in all of a cappella while also observing how we run A Cappella Academy!

  • 3-day Professional Development Program
    Observe classes and rehearsals at A Cappella Academy
    Receive mentoring and participate in Grad School programs led by Academy staff
    Rehearse in a group with the other Grad School participants
    Optional: extend your trip to attend the Academy showcase performance
  • For Music Educators 21+
  • July 10-12, 2024
  • Scripps College in Claremont, CA
  • $950 (does not include food and lodging)

UPDATED COVID-19 POLICY: In order to be maximally protected from COVID, we recommend full COVID vaccination with booster. However, vaccination is not required. All staff and students will be required to abide by any distancing, masking, and testing requirements put in place before/during the session.


DISCLAIMER: We require this audition portion to make sure that all applicants clear a certain bar, since everyone will be singing together as a group, but we are by no means only looking for vocal superstars!

  1. Introduction
    • Say hello!  Tell us your name, and a quick summary of your musical background.
  2. Solo singing
    • Please sing a 1-minute segment of a solo that showcases your voice. No classical or musical theater, please.
  3. Part singing
    • Download the materials for “I Wish” and learn whichever part suits you best. *CLICK HERE*
    • Record video of you singing along to the “performance” track for your part (your part will be missing from the track, you’ll fill it in with your voice).
    • Please snap along, and and make sure we can hear your voice prominently over the track.
  4. Beatboxing (optional)
    • If you do beatboxing/vocal percussion, please give us a short demonstration.
  5. Personal statement
    • Briefly tell us why you’re interested in coming to A Cappella Academy Grad School.


Once you have completed and uploaded your video to YouTube, you are ready to fill out our application.

Application Form




November 15, 2023 – applications open

FINAL APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 15, 2024 at 11:59pm in all timezones.

March 1, 2024 – applicants will be notified of acceptance results