Grad School 2021

We are thrilled to offer this new program for music educators! Grad School is a three day crash course in pop a cappella that happens during the youth session of A Cappella Academy. Looking to take your school’s a cappella program to the next level? This is definitely the place for you! Learn from some of the very best directors, arrangers, and performers in all of a cappella while also observing how we run A Cappella Academy!

  • 3-day Professional Development Program
    Observe classes and rehearsals at A Cappella Academy
    Receive mentoring and participate in Grad School programs led by Academy staff
    Rehearse in a group with the other Grad School participants
    Optional: extend your trip to attend the Academy showcase on July 7
  • For Music Educators 21+
  • July 3-5, 2021
    Arrive on July 2, depart July 6
  • Mount St. Mary’s University, Los Angeles, CA
  • $750 (does not include food and lodging)
    Option to either stay on campus or commute
  • Our 2021 session will happen in-person if safe to do so, depending on safety guidelines for travel and large group gatherings.


DISCLAIMER: We require this audition portion to make sure that all applicants clear a certain bar, since everyone will be singing together as a group, but we are by no means only looking for vocal superstars!

  1. Introduction
    • Say hello!  Tell us your name, and a quick summary of your musical background.
  2. Solo singing
    • Please sing a 1-minute segment of a solo that showcases your voice. No classical or musical theater, please.
  3. Part singing
    • Download the materials for “I Wish” and learn whichever part suits you best. *CLICK HERE*
    • Record video of you singing along to the “performance” track for your part (your part will be missing from the track, you’ll fill it in with your voice).
    • Please snap along, and and make sure we can hear your voice prominently over the track.
  4. Beatboxing (optional)
    • If you do beatboxing/vocal percussion, please give us a short demonstration.
  5. Personal statement
    • Briefly tell us why you’re interested in coming to A Cappella Academy Grad School.


Once you have completed and uploaded your video to YouTube, you are ready to fill out our application.





November 15, 2020 – applications open

FINAL APPLICATION DEADLINE: February 1, 2021 at 11:59pm in all timezones.

March 1, 2021 – applicants will be notified of acceptance results