We are committed to making A Cappella Academy accessible to all admitted students, regardless of financial need. It is only with the support of our wider community that we are able to keep tuition costs low and offer scholarships. To learn more about why we are so passionate about our program, visit: Why Academy?

How scholarships work

Full scholarships, partial scholarships and travel stipends available! After we accept campers each year, they have the opportunity to apply for a tuition scholarship by submitting an application detailing their financial situation. Everyone who needs it will get some amount of financial assistance from our fundraising efforts and generous donors. All scholarship applicants must also do their own fundraising (which can be used toward travel costs) using crowdfunding, concerts, and other creative ideas. After our fundraising season ends, we distribute tuition scholarships and travel stipends based on need.

Nolan Gibbons Scholarship

Nolan GibbonsIn Summer 2020, we lost a beloved member of our A Cappella Academy family at the age of 15. Nolan Gibbons was a joyful, dedicated, and immensely talented musician and we cherish our memories of him. To honor his legacy, we are proud to offer a scholarship in his name. The Nolan Gibbons Scholarship will enable future campers to join our community, and to experience a deeper love for music — something Nolan exemplified every day.


Support our program and its students

Donations open doors! Each year, roughly half of our students require financial aid. Detailed below are various ways you can get involved and donate. Thank you so much for your continued support! The cutoff date for donations each year is March 31, all donations received after that date will go towards the following summer.

  • PayPal
    This tax-deductible donation will go towards our general scholarship fund. These funds will be split among all of our campers in need of financial aid. Click here to donate via PayPal.
  • Crowdfunding
    In March 2024, we’ll feature profiles below of our incredibly talented campers who need financial aid! Click anywhere on their profile to get to their crowdfunding pages, where you can learn more about each of them, watch their audition videos, and donate directly to their individual camp funds.