“Since 2014, I have been thrilled and grateful to witness 8 of my choral students evolve and transform through their experiences in the A Cappella Academy Summer Program. As a music educator, I deeply appreciate the multi-dimensional immersion of the program. The clear support and expectation of excellence/preparation of the individual singer, balanced with the practiced communal responsibility and trust in each other, is embedded in every component of what the students experience. The incredible musical/educational elements of small ensemble work, theory, songwriting, recording process, improvisation, large-group choral singing and live performance – they all combine with those layers of trust and develop into an other-worldly display of deeply visceral musical expression and joy. These students then take this into their personal musical lives – and back to their schools and communities! We all grow from their experience! 

From a parental perspective (yes, my son has now been a camper for 3 years!) The evolution I have witnessed in my own child, both musically and emotionally, is more profound than I can articulate. This kind of musically challenging and fulfilling environment, coupled with finding a group of peers who love, challenge and accept him, has provided a space for him to evolve in ways that we never could have – and will truly impact the trajectory of his life. This camp experience is not only a place where complexity of musicianship is nurtured and expected. It is a place where diversity is celebrated and artist-citizens are developed. The skills of listening, critical-thinking, trust and kindness are fostered – through the medium of music.This is how our art form changes the world, one student and one choir at a time.” –Amanda Sprague Hanzlik

“Over the years, I’ve had 12 students participate in A Cappella Academy, and have heard nothing but amazing things about the camp. They come back ready to handle any genre or style I give them. Aside from building their confidence and musicianship, they are bonding amongst themselves and making connections with vocalists from all around the world.” –Cindy Ellis


“I’m currently studying film scoring. When I started at A Cappella Academy at age 14, I could barely read music. The program challenged me to explore my own musicianship while providing a safe environment for me to become the storyteller that I aspire to be. I am extremely grateful for the experience, which has been so pivotal in my journey.” –Nyla Smith 

“I’ve never felt so connected to a group of people years after participating as I have at Academy. I’ve made so many genuine GLOBAL friendships that have expanded my musical network as well as inspired me to continue to create beyond my years at camp. Academy is truly a family!” –Kali Sheppard

“A Cappella Academy encourages you to be your own unique artist, while simultaneously surrounding you with constant love and support from the community. You learn both how to express yourself and how to appreciate others around you more.” –Robbie McFarlane

“Academy helped shape my confidence, skills, and interest in pursuing a career in music therapy. The program emphasizes the importance of sharing your voice with the world which has inspired me to explore the ways we can use performing and songwriting to help those around us.” –Claudia Gruber

“Academy completely enlightened me to what a career in music actually looks like! Coming from a family that was neither musical nor American, I had little resources and felt lost. But after attending, I was able to find my taste in music, uncover my strengths, be inspired by my super talented & diverse peers, gain mentorship from faculty already successful in the music industry, and even discover my dream college!” –Hannah Abrahim

“The community at Academy is so loving and encouraging. I feel like I am able to keep on creating and growing without being judged, and everyone uplifts each other and makes each and every person feel like they belong. I gained so much confidence the first time I went and was so inspired to continue creating. Camp was hands down the best ten days of my life!” –Sofia Perelonia

“Academy gives me hope for the future of our world, not just in music, and helps me believe that I and anyone else can truly make an impact by sharing my voice. Even more, Academy has given me a family of the most accepting, inspiring, beautiful humans I’ve ever met, connecting me with people from all across the globe, reminding me that we are all more connected than we realize, and that music is a way to break down any barriers and create unity through expression. –Tucker Helms

“Academy completely changed my entire life and I would not be anywhere near where I am now if it weren’t for the many connections I have through this camp. I have never met a more talented group of staff and the people from all around the world are now my life-long friends. Please audition!! You will not regret it, I promise.” –Monica Saxton

“At Academy I was exposed to so much musical content, career possibilities, love, kindness, and acceptance. It helped me understand that music just is, and that you can use your gift in many different ways, to accomplish many different things. Even after a few years, I still think about Academy every single day, with everything I do. –Mani Garcia

“Without Academy, I have no idea where I would be right now. I owe the bulk of my personal relationships, academic experiences, and professional ventures to Academy. This camp did more than just change my life, it shaped it.” –Emily Dietz

“The classes at Academy have taught me so much, especially going into the music industry, music college, and college a cappella. The instructors are AMAZING, and are able to give first hand experience, and are so nice that I take no shame in still asking them questions even two years out.” –Kali Sheppard